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Joe Funk, Tamarind Press: 1960-62  Master Printer

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"Joe Funk played a little known but important role in the development of American lithography during the 1950s and 1960s, first as Lynton Kistlers assistant and later as the initial printer-fellow at Tamarind Lithography Worksop in Los Angeles. That was a time when fine lithographic printing hung by a slender thread in the United States: unlike today, there were then only a very few dedicated printers with knowledge of the craft. Joe was one of this small number, without whom the present health of the medium could not have come about. His easy-going warmth and good nature made it a pleasure to work with him."
                                                                Clinton Adams, Director Tamarind Institute

Joe Funk and Daniel O. Stolpe began Native Images during the summer of 1979. Joe spent the last two years of his life developing the Native Images program and facility with both technical and financial support. A few weeks before his death, Joe bequeathed the collection of his work, which represents his 50 year career as an artist.

To most people, Joe Funk was solely a master printer in the Los Angeles community during the 1950's and 60's, but as this collection reveals, Joe was also a contemporary visual artist, with a unique insight of mystical life. Through his almost "religious" motivation and commitment, he transformed ordinary, everyday found objects to communicate his archetypical expressions of life's mysteries.

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This *catalogue of work represents several months of cataloging and curating by the staff of Native Images. It is our goal to give a comprehensive view of the works of Joe Funk for all interested collectors, museums and exhibitions.

We would like to thank the many artists, friends and patrons of Joe Funk for their invaluable assistance in the creation of this project.


Daniel O. Stolpe, Director of Native Images 1979 - present
Eric Mathes, President 1979-1983,
Board of Directors of Native Images

* Catalogue of  Joe Funks complete works
available through Native Images.  $12.95
Original works available for sale.

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