Calbalgaran Desde Los Rayos Del Sol.jpg (162447 bytes)
Calbalgaran Desde Los Rayos Del Sol

22 de diciembre 1997 ed 45.jpg (157557 bytes)
22 de diciembre 1997

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The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.jpg (194440 bytes)
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Perro Artista
Lithograph 2000

Artista Minotauro
Lithograph 2000


The Cabalgaran Suite enters the perception of life flashing before the eyes -- motion of vitality and mortality, with stretches of ecstasy from transcending both experiences. The horses are a metaphor for spiritual travel. Within this collection of lithographs is a culmination of primal and feminine energies, with an explosion of the senses. The biomechanical thrust of the horses' hooves through epochal terrain exemplifies expanded strength and power over technological travel.

An internationally recognized artist and master printer, Stolpe produced the Cabalgaran Suite in collaboration with Mexico's finest printer, Raul Soruco, of Grafica Soruco in Oaxaca.


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