Multiple Drop Monotype Prints

Holding His Wounds.jpg (107631 bytes)

Holding His Wounds

struck while walking m.t.jpg (137981 bytes)

Struck While Walking

Crow Man Impaled.jpg (127841 bytes)

Crow Man Impaled

Not Alone With His Pain.jpg (129384 bytes)

Not Alone With His Pain

Crow Man the archetypal vision of the subconscious -- carrying the burden of humanistic sorrow. After being shot through the soul, he struggles to maintain a dignified and positive disposition. These images depict the severity of loss and grief, from a Shaman's standpoint.

Each monotype is a rendition of the spirit world, relaying the effect of internal conflict on the human condition.

- Daniel Yaryan-

Reaching for His Wounds.jpg (144158 bytes)

Reaching for His Wound

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