Coyote Woodcut Suite I

coyote & dragonfly.jpg (151937 bytes)
Coyote Listening to Dragonfly

coyote by flying causes great water.jpg (177277 bytes)
Coyote by Flying Causes Great Water

Coyote thinks the morning sun his chasing him.jpg (154542 bytes)
Coyote Thinks the Morning Sun Is Chasing Him

When the moon fell coyote was ther helping.jpg (146942 bytes)
When the Moon Fell . . . Coyote Was There Helping

There was coyote biting at the moon.jpg (170934 bytes)
There Was Coyote Biting at the Moon

The earth shake... Coyote is chewing the shell of turtle.jpg (186964 bytes)
The Earth Shakes . . . Coyote Is Chewing the Shell of Turtle

coyote changes the color of the sun.jpg (159929 bytes)
Coyote Changes the Color of the Sun

coyote digging for his bones.jpg (185670 bytes)
Coyote Digging for His Bones

coyote as his fleas.jpg (200447 bytes)
Coyote and His Fleas

coyote changing the moon by eating it.jpg (138610 bytes)
Coyote Changing the Moon by Eating It

  Coyote Woodcut Suite II

coyote as chief.jpg (172691 bytes)
Coyote as Chief

coyote tries to eat the sun.jpg (172041 bytes)
Coyote Tries to Eat the Sun

porcupine surprises coyote.jpg (161718 bytes)
Porcupine Surprises Coyote

coyote spinning.jpg (169371 bytes)
Coyote Spinning

coyote ready to give birth.jpg (178269 bytes)
Coyote Ready to Give Birth

coyote juggling his eyes.jpg (180424 bytes)
Coyote Juggling His Eyes

coyote is intrigued.jpg (169506 bytes)
Coyote Is Intrigued

woman under coyotes spell.jpg (198273 bytes)
Woman Under Coyote's Spell

coyote's evening approach.jpg (130763 bytes)
Coyote's Evening Approach

coyote and his woman.jpg (179428 bytes)
Coyote and His Woman

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